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Income Tax in Wales Is Changing – What You Need to Know



As well as having Payroll experience, Meg is our main point of contact for auto-enrolment setup. Now a qualified member of AAT, Meg is building her portfolio of accounting clients in a variety of sectors.

Welsh Flag and blue sky imageFrom April 2019, people living in Wales will begin paying some of their income tax directly to the Welsh Government. Under the current system, 100% of the funds collected go to the UK Government.

The change, which is similar to how the Scottish rate of income tax (SRIT) works, will allow the Welsh Government to play a role in the collection of tax, as well as enabling them to vary the rate of Income Tax paid by Welsh taxpayers to fund various public services.

Find out more about what’s changing, how it will impact Welsh taxpayers and employers, and what the current rates of Income Tax in the UK are in our latest blog post.

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