There is so much more to accountancy than just preparing end of year reports for the tax man. Accounting services include all of those vital business functions that help you to work on your business rather than just in your business. First Call partners with clients to give them the level of pro-active support a business needs to succeed.

Our accountancy services include:


An analysis of the business’ activity and profitability over the last weeks, months or even years, depending on the business cycle. Meaningful and accurate forecasting depends on knowing what to include and what questions to ask, so a start point might be an assessment of current and future market conditions, cost of materials and competitor activity.


Knowing how much funding the business is going to need to meet expected (and, sometimes, unexpected) costs. What is the cost of growth; where will it come from? First Call’s budgeting services ensure clients know exactly how they’re financially positioned in real time not just at the end of the tax year.

Management Accounting

It’s impossible to make valid decisions if you don’t know the facts, and it’s no use having the facts if you don’t understand them. At First Call we produce management accounts that allow our clients to manage. Just the right information with the right degree of detail, presented in a way that makes sense…and as often as is useful. No more, no less.

Financial Accounting

If Management Accounting meets the needs of the management team, Financial Accounting is for those not involved in the day-to-day running of the business. All businesses have to account for themselves, If it’s not the bank it will be shareholders, partners, suppliers, even employees, and First Call helps clients with the preparation of financial statements, making sure that they meet the specific needs of the recipient.

Need a Hand?

If your business needs proactive accountancy support to enable it to grow and thrive, give us a call on 0117 379 0810 and arrange a free no obligation consultation to find out how First Call could help.