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Government Plans to Deliver 3 Million Apprenticeship Places by 2020



Steph is a Chartered Accountant with many years’ experience working in audit compliance and general accountancy. She is a Fellow of the ICAEW and has extensive knowledge of accountancy and tax for the self employed.

Government plans to deliver 3 million apprenticeships by 2020Apprenticeships aim to give young aspiring individuals the real world experience they need whilst they learn a trade and develop skills in their chosen profession. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade with almost 500,000 apprenticeship starts in 2015. A successful apprentice will receive a nationally recognised qualification upon completion.

With over 2.2 million apprenticeships created since 2010 to help establish the UK as the fastest growing economy in the G7, the government has set out to create 3 million more placements by 2020.

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