Service User

First Call’s Service User Payroll Scheme is a huge benefit for any local authority Service User who welcomes help in dealing with the administration of the payroll for their Personal Assistant.

The truth is that the moment you have a Personal Assistant, HM Revenue and Customs consider you as an employer, and you are required to adhere to the same requirements as any other business that employs staff.

Using First Call’s Carers’ Direct Payment scheme takes away all the stress and worry attached to this. We already handle direct payment for carers across South Wales and the south west of England, and we can help you too!

We offer two levels of service; a basic payroll package and a fully managed service both of which are provided at very competitive prices.

Basic Payroll Package

Our basic payroll package involves FCF processing the payroll and the service user managing the financial administration.

FCF generate the payslips based on information supplied by yourself and your personal assistants.

FCF provide detailed information from our payroll software to ensure you make the correct payments to pay your personal assistants, HMRC and workplace pension provider.

You are responsible for making all payments in accordance with information supplied by FCF.

Managed Direct Payment Payroll Service

Our fully managed service does more.

FCF look after all your payroll and financial administration to ensure your personal assistants are paid the right amount, on time, every time. We will also assist you to stay within your direct payment budget and ensure all paperwork is completed and retained, in accordance with your local authority, HMRC and workplace pension provider reporting requirements.

This is how it works:

Your local authority will pay your fund directly into a designated client account, which FCF will look after and administer on your behalf.

Based on information supplied by you and your personal assistants, FCF will be responsible for calculations of pay, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay and deductions, FCF will also administer your workplace pensions obligations.

FCF will pay your personal assistants and send out payslips. FCF will also look after payments of income tax, national insurance and workplace pension

Finally and most importantly we have a friendly team of accounting professionals who are on hand to provide you with advice and help over the phone on a dedicated number when you need it.

Need a Hand?

Want help with the management of your Direct Payment budget and to meet your obligations as an employer to your Personal Assistant? Give the team at First Call a ring on 0333 577 9810 and let us start to take the strain.

We also have further information about accessing Direct Payments and the relevant forms here