Business planning

First Call offers clients a business planning service, we also offer business plan services. The two are different but equally vital.

Business Planning Service: Sometimes known as Accounting Business Services, we add real value to our clients’ businesses by helping them with forward planning. The more we know about the business the better equipped we are to include all the many costs and considerations that need to be considered before a practical and useful business plan can be arrived at. Of course, the better the quality of the information, the better, more accurate and useful the plan. Business planning is never static, a good business plan helps to measure progress, it’s a reference point and, as such, needs to be regularly updated.

Business Plan Service: Also known as an Accounting Business Plan, we offer this service to start-up companies and those of our clients who are preparing accounts and a business plan for someone other than their own management team. Each business plan has a purpose for which it is created. Our job is to recognise and understand what that purpose is and to detail the plan so it highlights the right criteria.