Local Authorities

First Call presently works in conjunction with a number of UK local authorities to offer our direct payments service to Service Users who prefer to use a professional payroll service to pay their personal assistants.

We’d like to work with You.

From a local authority’s point of view working with First Call makes a lot of sense. First Call offers a choice of direct payment payroll services, depending on how much the service user wants to do for themselves.

Basic Payroll Service

Our basic package runs the payroll and supplies payslips to the Service User for them to give to their personal assistant, leaving the Service User to pay them and HMRC the amounts we’ve calculated.

Managed Direct Payment Service

With our managed direct payment for carers service you pay the individuals direct payment budget into a client account administered by us.

We then run the payroll, pay that Service User’s personal assistant and make sure they receive their payslip. We’ll also look after their National Insurance and tax and complete all the necessary reconciliations.

The result?

A happy Service User, a reassured personal assistant and, for you the local authority the guarantee of a professional service that considerably reduces administration and looks after taxpayers’ money.

Need a hand?

If you would like to find out more about our Direct Payment Services and how we could work with you please contact us on 0333 577 9810