SORP Compliance

A SORP is a Statement of Recommended Practice, with SORPs providing international accounting standards for particular sectors to ensure consistent accounting standards.

The general Charity SORP applies to all UK Charities unless there is a more specific and relevant SORP in operation. It gives a comprehensive framework of recommended practice for charity accounting and reporting and a mechanism that enables charities to meet the legal requirement for their accounts.

It also provides recommendations for annual reporting that are relevant to sector and stakeholders needs and are in line with wider developments in reporting; – all of which takes experience to translate and implement sensibly.

First Call can help. We can provide you with a set of completed statutory accounts that are fully SORP compliant, or we can supply a member of our team who understands the requirements of the Charity SORP to help you interpret how it applies to your specific organisation and help you complete your own compliant submission.

Need a Hand?

You can find out more about SORP Charity Accounting and Reports on the Charity Commission website here.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0117 379 0810 and let us help to ensure your organisation remains SORP compliant.