Gift Aid

Gift Aid is worth almost £1bn a year to charities. It’s an important element of any charity’s fund raising, so ensuring that it is administered and accounted for correctly has to be a vital part of their operational processes.

Consult the experts! First Call Financials has years of experience working with charities and the administration of gift aid, from both the charity’s point of view and that of the donors. It’s not quite as simple as just making a claim, so it’s worth working with accountants who really understand charity legislation.

As part of our overall accountancy services for charities we provide advice and support on all aspects of the administration of the gift aid scheme including:

  • the basics of how Gift Aid works and understanding the rules surrounding it – particularly helpful for new charitable organisations
  • reclaiming tax on both gift aid and other income
  • the different types of gift aid declaration and how they should be administered
  • record keeping and the audit requirements from HMRC
  • understanding the rules around provision of benefits in return for donations

Need a Hand?

If you are an existing charity or are about to set one up and need help and advice on the rules, administrative process and accounting of the Gift Aid scheme give us a call on 0117 379 0810 and let us help you make the most of this vital source of fund raising.