Off-Site Accounting

Outsourced Accountancy just makes sense!

If you think of the amount of time that you or your employees spend on processing accounts paperwork and doing all of the book-keeping the question must be: Could their time be spent more productively if we got a third party to take on this work on our behalf?

There’s more though, because there’s another question, which is: Is what we’re doing now producing the best and most useful management reports?

Outsourcing your accounts or Contract Accountancy as it’s also known, does more than release you or your staff back to the important business of making money it’s a guarantee that the job is done without faults.

There are a number of other benefits of outsourcing your accounting to us:

  • No problems with sick leave or holidays
  • Full time availability at a part time cost
  • Far less risk of internal fraud
  • Potentially full service from book-keeping through to statutory reporting and VAT/ tax
  • AND, you only pay for the service you need

For some businesses however, they want to retain control over their accounting records and don’t feel comfortable outsourcing everything to a third party.

Our off-site Accounting Service

Off-site accounting gives all of the benefits of full outsourcing but with the added control of retaining all of your records on-site and working more closely with your accountant.

Not all accountancy firms are willing to offer this kind of accounting service instead preferring to provide their services from their own offices, but at First Call we believe it is important to tailor our service to the needs of the client.

Our staff are happy to visit your premises on a regular basis to work with you on your accounts, looking after everything from book-keeping to credit and stock control, and monthly management accounts to the full gamut of financial services.

Not only does it provide that additional element of control for you but working alongside your team on a regular basis really enables us to understand your business in a way that cannot be achieved remotely.

Need a hand?

If you want to outsource your accounting but are looking for a more flexible and personal approach, why not call our team on 0117 379 0810 to find out more about our off-site accounting service.