Preparation of Final Accounts

A frightening number of business owners only hear from their accountants once a year, when it’s time for the preparation of final accounts.

Whilst, statutory accounting and filing has to be done, the preparation of these accounts can be so much more easily completed if a system of regular accounting activity is in place throughout the year. Not only that, businesses need vital financial information throughout the year in order to operate effectively. It isn’t something that can be left to once a year.

At First Call we’re not just in touch with our clients in the few weeks or months before their year-end but regularly throughout the year.   We recognise that each business is different so we tailor our services and the level of help specifically to give business owners the information they need to make informed decisions as and when they need to.

Our strap line “Hand Held Accounting” speaks to the fact that most of our clients just want to get on with running their businesses, but value having trustworthy accountants by their side to keep the finances straight.

It’s because of the relationships we have that we’re able to able to give our clients exactly the help they need. This might include help with day to day book keeping through to more strategic level help with business planning. For the majority, what they need is much more than simply preparing their final accounts at year end.

Need a hand?

If you want a Bristol accountant that will work with your business throughout the year not just at the end then give us a call on 0117 379 0810 to arrange a free initial consultation. There is nothing to lose, just a lot to gain.