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Auto-Enrolment – Small Businesses Are You Ready?

Fran Tyler

Fran heads up First Call Financials. She has over 40 years’ accountancy experience and is a Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Since 2012 the introduction of automatic enrolment has been rolling out across the UK and affecting every single employer between then and 2018. This year 50,000 companies are due to auto-enrol their employees and in 2016 a further 500,000 will follow suiAre You Ready For Auto-Enrolment?t.

However, despite being a legal obligation for all employers, many companies have so far faced fixed £400 penalties and other additional escalating fees for not complying with the legislation. So, rather than face financial penalties make sure you understand auto-enrolment and are prepared for your staging date.

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